4 Reasons to Upgrade RVs

You’ve been RVing for years and your rig is dialed in exactly to how you like it. Countless memories have been had hitting the open road. You might think “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” but it doesn’t apply to upgrading RVs. In business this is called “Opportunity Cost” which is the cost of lost opportunity for not making new decisions and continuing with the status quo. With RVing we call this “Enjoyment Lost”. Let’s face it, each year the RV World makes leaps and bounds with quality, technology, convenience and luxury.1

An RV, Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel can cost a substantial amount of money and something you should prepare for accordingly. If you know what signs to look for that you should upgrade immediately, you can make a good decision on your next unit. Here’s 4 reasons to upgrade your RV.


RV safety keeps improving greatly each year. When you consider that your family is inside and for many it’s their home on wheels, it only makes sense that you want to be sure you have the safest RV on the open road. If you’re RV is dated, so is your safety when you’re inside of it.¬†They’re made strong and more sophisticated than ever before. From the higher quality crash rating, handling, even the carbon monoxide detectors, the new models are designed with your safety in mind.


Increased Enjoyment

Think about how maybe your first car didn’t even have a CD player in it, there was no GPS, if you go way back there wasn’t even mapquest. Now we can talk to our car and make reservations for dinner. The same sort of improvements have gone into each aspect the newer RVs. If you think about the ideal vacation you deserve, a five star experience in an RV has become very inexpensive.

Changes in the Family

Families grow and kids go off on their ow2n. These changes can mean that the camping needs have changed for you. If you’re expecting, or if you’re expecting your kids to move out on their own there is a good chance you’ll want to upgrade to an RV that fits your new needs.

New Hobbies

RVs are used for all kinds of hobbies and interests. Kids take on new sports or activities such as horseback riding, dirt bike racing, etc. Other common traveling hobbies are pet shows, motorcycling or kayaking. Toy Haulers are often used for these hobbies or sometimes an upgrade comes because the family is traveling more often or for longer periods.

3You already know that you RV is one of the best investments you’ve ever made for yourself and your family. If you fall into one of these categories and feel you’re ready to look into an upgrade, check out our online inventory and stop by the dealership to find the perfect upgrade for you.