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Choosing Bug Repellent

Bugs make camping, hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities less than perfect.  When getting ready for your trip or day outside, choose a bug repellent that fits your lifestyle best!

The most effective bug repellents contain DEET.  When applied following directions, these bug products can last for up to 10 hours or more, giving you all day protection.  DEET is a chemical  but is believed by the EPA to present no health concerns or conditions when used as directed.  If spraying children, make sure to use a formula containing less than 30% DEET concentration.

A second chemical formula that repels bugs for up to 8 hours is picaridin.  Developed as an alternative to DEET, it is considered more effect for protection again flies.  There is no recommendation for use on children, but no infant less than 2 months old should have repellent applied to their skin.

Plant-based repellents are a third option when considering bug repellent.  Some of these contain synthesized plant oil such as oil of leman eucalyptus, still technically a chemical.  These products are effective for up to 6 hours.  Natural oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, and citronella are not chemicals and have not been evaluated by the EPA.  These are a natural option but are not as effective as chemically formulated repellents.  They are estimated at 30 minutes to up to 2 hours of effective protection.


Clothing is now made with insect shield properties and may be the best option for keeping pests away.  Permethrin repellent was designed for use on clothing only.  This repellent can kill ticks and can last up to 6 washings when stored in dark, airtight bags or containers.  It will not irritate the skin if applied there, but offers no benefits.

When outdoors, citronella candles and other like products work best in windless conditions.  However you choose to protect yourself and keep the bugs away, be sure to research the ingredients of any product!

Choosing Sunscreen

Choosing Sunscreen

Sunscreen may be the most important item you pack when heading outdoors.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and before we end up with a diagnosis, it’s time to protect ourselves.  When choosing the perfect sunscreen, there are various factors to consider.

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What Type of RVer Are You?

       What Type of RVer Are You?

RVs continue to grow in popularity and not just with the retirees of America either.  Couples, young families, and tech savvy nomads are all loading up the RV for weekend trips, long excursions, or call their rig home full time.  With the RV community growing and continually adding to its ranks, what type of RVer do you fit into? Read More

Camper Size


Camper Size

Are you looking for your first RV?  Or are you getting ready to upgrade?  What size RV is right for you?  How can you make sure the rig you buy will fit your needs?

The first thing you need to consider is what you are going to use the RV for.  As you planning on weekend trips with your partner?  Are you going to pile in the whole family for week long treks?  However you choose to use your RV, you want to purchase the one that will accommodate your needs on the most extreme uses.  For example, if you’re planning a two month trip across the country, you’re going to need a bigger RV than you would for weekend camping trips. Read More

Millennials are Buying RVs

If we asked you who was buying RVs, what would you guess?  If you’re like most people, you’d answer retirees, and you’d be wrong!  Even just 10 years ago, that answer would have been correct but today, millennials are quickly becoming the largest age group of RV owners.  Read More

5 Things You’ll Find While RVing

Owning an RV gives you the chance to really take part in one of the most rewarding events in life: travel. With an RV, you get to see the country, even the world, as it was meant to be seen. You’re engaged in each step of the journey and have not just your destination to discover, but the nature, towns, and people along the way. Here are seven wonderful things you’re discover while RVing.

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Safety Tips

When your home or vacation accommodations are on wheels, there’s a lot to remember to operate it safely. With RVs, you have to worry about the propane, refueling, and batteries for various appliances. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and prevent any unfortunate accidents.

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Where is Home for Full Time RVers?

If you live in your RV full time, you’ve probably been asked countless times where home is. To you, home is right behind you in that glorious vehicle you’ve taken on to travel, see more of the world, and live the good life. Explaining that to people who don’t live to travel can be difficult.

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Pet Etiquette While RVing

Americans love their pets.  Increasingly, pets are found in stores, parks, on hikes, and at lakes.  Everyone seems to want their pet around no matter where they go.  When you take your pet on your RV trips, be polite and follow these pet etiquette tips.

The most important tip to follow is to pick up after your pet!  No one wants to take an evening stroll and step in a pile of dog doo…no one.  We don’t look forward to Fido taking care of business on one of our walks, but it happens.  Be responsible and dispose of the waste appropriately. Read More