Consign your RV at Poulsbo

Looking to sell your RV? Keep in mind you that when you sell your RV you have to run it through a myriad of repairs like electrical, detailing, and mechanical.  Then you need to put out eye catching advertisements to entice potential buyers.  On top of that you may have to directly deal with finicky buyers resulting in a less than optimal price point.  Sounds like too much trouble for what it’s worth…

Luckily there is  a solution to all your troubles, well at least your RV selling troubles.  Let us take the hassle of selling your RV off your hands with our Consignment Program.  Convenience is key to this program.  We want to make it as simple as possible for you to get rid of your used RV and put it straight into the hands of someone who’s ready to hit the open road.

We have complete confidence that we will be able to successfully sell your RV!

Thousands of Inquiries

As the largest RV advertiser in the northwest we receive a lot more incoming customer traffic than your average RV dealer. Each month we get thousands of customer visits monthly and thousands of visits online daily.  Looking at those odds, the choice seem obvious, but if you’re not convinced then our next points got you covered.


One of the biggest drawbacks for buyers making large purchases from private sellers is the fact that they have to make that payment in full at the point of purchase.  However, buyers will be able to avoid that inconvenience with our Consignment Program.  We offer financing programs to increase your chance of selling the RV.  As the #1 volume dealer in the northwest we are in contact with financing specialists that can create favorable financing plans for the potential buyer.

Peace of Mind

Another block in the road for the buyer making his or her decision is the fact that it’s a “used” RV.  This can subconsciously imply that there may be something wrong with the vehicle and therefore cause the sale to not happen.  Good thing we offer an Extended Service Agreement to ensure the buyers peace of mind when they make their purchase.  Warranty specialists on our team can offer possible extended warranties for later-model RVs.  This will be at no cost to you since the warranties are paid for by the customer.

So still have that used RV collecting dust at home? Bring it on down and we’ll help take it off your hands and into another’s!  As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”