Everything Old is New Again: The Pleasure Way 2019 Tofino

The RV Lifestyle sometimes leaves us in a quandary. We warm to our nostalgic memories of childhood trips, when our biggest worry was who would get the first punch in Slug Bug*.

Then, there was parking, leveling, generators, batteries, grey and black water tanks, and quite a few other issues that muddled your parent’s attention. And RV makers have responded. RVs today are all about easy to manage, modern, clean systems that take much of the grittiness out of camping.

And yet you want it to feel just like it did back then.

So what should a smart RV designer do? Maybe take an old, super popular vehicle from their history, redesign it with all of the cutting edge tech they can engineer in, but keep those great old retro features that were the most fun.

Inside and out, the 2019 Tofino will take you back to your childhood, all while providing modern convenience.

In the case of Class B camper vans, the designers at Pleasure Way took the old fan-favorite -- the Traverse – rebuilt it on a rugged Dodge ProMaster 1500 chassis, added two 100 AH lithium coach batteries, a 2000 watt inverter, multiplex wiring, a touchscreen control panel with remote, real time amperage meter and an available 200 watt solar package.

So, for the grownups, this makes things like dry camping so much easier. No more guessing how much more power is left. Solar power panels and cutting edge batteries mean you can stay out longer. An optional roof rack allows you additional gear like bikes and kayaks.

Roomy and with plenty of storage, we think you will love the 2019 Tofino.

Then there’s the storage space, all 70 cubic feet of it. In an easy-to-drive, easy-to-park Class B, that’s easy to love.

Want to make things even easier, still? When you buy a Pleasure Way, for 90 days they provide you a personal assistant to help you learn to operate all that great technology. All you have to do is register your warranty, and for 90 days, you will have access to your Pleasure-Way P.A. six days a week, via a dedicated, toll-free phone number, email or text message. It’s the ultimate in modern convenience!

But, not to forget the past, Pleasure Way oh-so-wisely left in that wonderful pop-up upper bunk. You remember? All that giggling and talking ourselves into being afraid of the sounds of the forest at night? The ghost stories? And revenge punches for losing at Slug Bug the day before.

The kids are going to love it. Or you will. We won’t judge.

So come in and take a look for yourself. It’ll both impress with its technical advances, and warm the heart with the memories it inspires. We don’t have many Tofinos left, so hurry, and we can pre-order one specifically for you in time for Summer RVing.

And as always, travel safely!

*In case you never played, Slug Bug involves watching for old style VW Beetles, then punching your competing sibling/friend if you saw it first.