Get Adventurous with the Roadtrek

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, CS-Adventurous-at-Hoover-Dam-3one that can take you into the depths of the biggest city or the trenches of the deepest canyons; the Roadtrek is the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE VEHICLE for you!

What’s with all this craze about the Roadtreks lately? Well, the Roadtrek Adventurous is the latest and greatest in RV Design creativity. It goes above and beyond what you’d expect for quality and practicality in an RV Van.

Built from a Mercedes Sprinter Van, you’ll be able to travel and be confident you’re safe and reliable on the open road. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons people choose Roadtrek:

The Ability to Go Stealth Mode

Have you ever watched one of those crime TV shows where they interrogate the person behind the one sided mirror? This ability to go unseen into busy metro areas has a big appeal to many people. It’s not conceivable to bring a  large RV into a city. With a Roadtrek you can go ANYWHERE. So to relax in the comfort of your Roadtrek while watching the busy world outside is a big draw. Whether you’re in a city or parked at a vista, you’ll be delighted to enjoy the view through the large frame-less windows. 72edd1a04b56f1d632378f16682f46f7

Quality and Reputation

Roadtrek is THE STANDARD for Class B RV Vans. People know they can trust the quality and support of a long standing company.

Mobile Office

If you could work in a comfortable 15f2eaffc90e9d1a9c705089b67f4461.jpg“home” office overlooking some of the most beautiful landscapes would you? While retirees are still RVing at record numbers, a younger generation of RVers have emerged who are taking their work on the road. The Roadtrek offers a comfortable office for Full Time Remote Workers or for someone who just wants to jump online in the evening.

Small Carbon Footprint

“Leave no trace” is an easy motto to embrace for Roadtrekers. Powered by an ultra clean fuel efficient turbo diesel V6 engine, you’ll love the fuel economy in this easy to drive RV Van.


The tall and wide sliding doors make it a comfortable transition into your home on wheels. Did we mention it has a 10-way adjustable lumbar support with headrest? Perfect for relaxing after a nice outdoor activity. It’s also roomy, sleeping 3 and sitting up to 6. If you catch yourself cold weather camping your feet will be kept warm with the heated floors.


One size does NOT fit all when it comes to RVing and Camping. That’s why the Roadtrek has a variety of floor plans and options for you to choose from. The Roadtrek also offers options in places for you to camp. Being smaller and more compact you’re able to get into many of the best campsites where most RVs are too big to fit into. It’s easy to get off the grid.


What are you waiting for? Check out our online selection of Roadtreks and other RVs that might fit all your camping needs.