NeXus Arrives at Poulsbo RV

We're Pleased to Welcome NeXus to Poulsbo RV

And we can’t wait to show them to you!

First, a little about NeXus’s history: the brainchild of industry veterans Claude Donati and Dave Middleton, Nexus knows what customers want because they began as a factory direct manufacturer. Seven years ago, when they began their business, they built and sold to each customer individually. Also, just as they started their business, in came the recession. So there they were, swinging three proverbial bats.

And yet they grew. They expanded their RV lines and doubled their business.

When they decided to begin selling through dealerships as well, we were honored to be selected.

The Nexus Difference

The biggest difference between Nexus and every other manufacturer in the RV business is this: low carbon/high alloy steel, 72% stronger than aluminum. Other companies use aluminum and wood to frame their chassis. This means that despite the rigors of the road, NeXus products will be strong and sturdy.

Also, they use no wood products in their sidewalls and roof. Instead they use a product called Azdel, a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass that creates an extremely strong and lightweight wall. It also increases the R factor and decreases your weight in half compared to wood. These features and much more make NeXus RV products a step above other manufacturers.

The Phantom: Gas Class C

Built on a Ford chassis with a V-10 engine, the Phantom’s the all steel cage construction gives you one of the safest and best driving experiences in the Class C industry. A 6’10” interior ceiling provides a comfortable, home-like atmosphere cushioned by plenty of amenities. Roomy and with lots of storage, the Phantom is the ideal family Class C.

The NeXus Phantom

The NeXus Phantom


The Maybach: Gas Class A

The Maybach offers luxury design at great savings. Built on a high quality Ford F-53 chassis, it’s fully equipped, has a large windshield for maximum view, and allows the driver and passenger seats to be turned around to act as part of the living quarters. And they are luxurious, ergonomically designed created as part of a dual screen wrap-around dash.

The super slide living room, large kitchen, private rear master suite and bunk areas have plenty of storage, but can there ever be enough? Full pass through basement storage should take care of the problem.
You are sure to love all the standard features like an exterior rear fold down prep table, as well as the options such as an outside entertainment center and washer dryer.

Given the price, you’ll be floored by what you get with a Maybach.

The  NeXus Maybach

The NeXus Maybach

The Bentley: Class A Diesel Pusher

In the automotive world, the name Bentley is synonymous with opulence. Nexus has done its best to continue that tradition in the RV industry minus the exorbitant price tag.

For the Bentley, luxury starts with a great chassis. After lengthy testing, NeXus and Freightliner engineers configured the first of its kind XCR raised rail Diesel Pusher Chassis with VRIDE rear suspension system. Safety should never be a concern.

Livability features include a multiplex electric system — a feature usually found exclusively in upscale coaches — that gives owners dimming and other electric control over the lighting.

The Bentley offers the most spacious and elegant living room interiors, luxury furniture, and top notch amenities to make this truly a home away from home. At the end of the day, the king size bed in the large bedroom suite is the perfect area for a good night’s sleep or watching a little TV. The optional washer and dryer provide the added convenience of home.

The NeXus Bentley

The NeXus Bentley

So if you’re looking for a Motor Home that will give you value, safety, comfort and a touch of opulence, come in and ask about our brand new NeXus RV line. You’ll be glad you did.
We hope to hear from you soon. And, as always, travel safely.