RV Fun

How to Start This Year's Adventure!

By admin | March 2, 2020

There is so much to do and see in one lifetime. Even just a short drive away, there are all manner of sights to be seen. So as you start de-winterizing and getting your RV road-ready, don’t think you have to wait for summer. Before the crowds and heat set in, here are a few…

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Welcome to the Future of RVs

Welcome to the Future of RVs

By admin | October 1, 2018

We’ve become so used to change. We have come to demand it. Every year our phones up the ante. There’s always a new restaurant with cuisine from somewhere far away and exotic. Newspapers used to be made of actual paper! Whether you race toward the novelty of the new, or cling to the comfort of…

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Great Autumn Places to Go in Your RV

RV Tips: Enjoying Autumn in Your RV

By admin | August 27, 2018

For many of us, Summer’s wiles are nothing compared to the beauty of Autumn. Its cooler temperatures and luscious colors make it a wonderful time to camp or travel. Also, with harvests just coming to an end, farms and vineyards are often welcoming guests as well. So if you’re looking for that last trip before…

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The Latest: the Trailer Pool

The ART of RVing: The Wonderful Works of Benedetto Bufalino

By admin | June 18, 2018

When we say we are obsessed with RVs, it makes sense. We sell them. We maintain them. We fix them. We enjoy them. And sometimes, when something unusual reaches one of us, it’s suddenly a company-wide chain of emails. For a few minutes—well—let’s just say that productivity may suffer a bit. When we see something…

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Great RV Destinations: Summer 2018

By admin | June 15, 2018

You own (or are considering owning) an RV. That tells us something about you; you have a passion for travel and fun. You’re willing to get out on the road and seek out what life has to offer. To help, we’ve gathered a list of various summer events and festivals to check out for this…

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1958 Ford Country Squire

When Cars Have Tried to RV

By admin | June 4, 2018

Allow us to start off by saying we love camping. We would never discourage anyone from getting out into the wild and enjoying every minute of it, in an RV, in a car, or in a tent.But there are times when people take things to an extreme. Sometimes “extreme” is the starting point.Let’s begin with…

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Bug Talk

By ShoreLooksNice.com | March 1, 2018

Choosing Bug Repellent Bugs make camping, hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities less than perfect.  When getting ready for your trip or day outside, choose a bug repellent that fits your lifestyle best! The most effective bug repellents contain DEET.  When applied following directions, these bug products can last for up to 10 hours or…

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Master Techs: Poulsbo RV’s Secret Weapon

By admin | February 6, 2018

Being an RV Technician is not a simple thing. First, let’s consider what an RV actually is: a house that must be able to endure what is essentially a small but continuous earthquake for hours at a time whenever you take to the road. That would make an RV Technician a person who: • Maintains…

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Millennials are Buying RVs

By ShoreLooksNice.com | January 1, 2018

If we asked you who was buying RVs, what would you guess?  If you’re like most people, you’d answer retirees, and you’d be wrong!  Even just 10 years ago, that answer would have been correct but today, millennials are quickly becoming the largest age group of RV owners. 

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Pet Etiquette While RVing

By ShoreLooksNice.com | November 10, 2017

Americans love their pets.  Increasingly, pets are found in stores, parks, on hikes, and at lakes.  Everyone seems to want their pet around no matter where they go.  When you take your pet on your RV trips, be polite and follow these pet etiquette tips. The most important tip to follow is to pick up…

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Stay at a Glampground

By ShoreLooksNice.com | September 25, 2017

Have you heard of Glamping (Glamorous Camping)? There’s a wave of people who are going out and enjoying nature in comfort and style. While there are many companies who are providing Glamping experience with Yurts and tents, many RVs are designed with all the comforts of home and added luxurious amenities for the Glamper at…

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Let’s Talk about Glacier National Park

By ShoreLooksNice.com | September 19, 2017

Glacier National Park is considered by most as one of the most scenic National Parks in the country. If you’ve never been, it’s tough to describe the beauty and amazement here. When to Visit Due to the incredible amount of snow it’s only something that can be explored in the summer. However here’s a huge…

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What’s Your Outdoor Type?

By ShoreLooksNice.com | June 29, 2017

People who spend time outdoors have to love nature. The good – beautiful views, glimpses of shy wildlife, exploring somewhere few people have been; The bad – days without a shower, pesky insects, inclement weather. While we share this love of exploration and wilderness, there are definitely different categories outdoorsy people fit into. Which one…

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5 Things You’ll Find While RVing

By ShoreLooksNice.com | June 4, 2017

Owning an RV gives you the chance to really take part in one of the most rewarding events in life: travel. With an RV, you get to see the country, even the world, as it was meant to be seen. You’re engaged in each step of the journey and have not just your destination to…

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Interesting things to do in Washington – 2017

By ShoreLooksNice.com | February 22, 2017

When it comes to things to do, Washington has it all!  There is always something going on, all over the state.  Spend some time browsing the hundreds of events, and you’ll be sure to find at least a few to add to your bucket list!  To make things a bit easier, we’ve picked a few…

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Top RV Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2017

By ShoreLooksNice.com | February 15, 2017

If you follow RV bloggers for inspiration where to travel next, or just enjoy reading travel blogs, then we have some of the best to share with you! Take note of these bloggers as they traverse the country, writing about their experiences in an RV. 1. ShoreLooksNice Another young family has taken to the road,…

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Celebrities that RV

By ShoreLooksNice.com | January 17, 2017

We’ve all seen news stories and articles featuring celebrities on set or on the road in their incredible motor homes. While on location, celebrities often have RVs that are more luxurious than many of our homes! But some celebrities have fallen in love with the RV lifestyle and spend more time than they need to…

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RV Henge

RV Skywatching in 2017 — Preparing for the Eclipse

By admin | January 16, 2017

So, you’ve decided that this is the perfect RV season to begin skywatching. With this year’s upcoming eclipse, you picked the right year. Let’s start with what you need to view the eclipse. For no money at all, you can build a pinhole projector. For this method, you’ll need: 2 sheets of white cardstock or…

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The Show that Never Ends

RV Skywatching in 2017 — The Show that Never Ends

By admin | January 11, 2017

One of the unique opportunities of RVing is the ability to see the night sky—not the night sky of our cities and suburbs—but the true, inspiring darkness and sprays of stars that fascinated our ancestors. That moment when you show a child the Milky Way for the first time and watch the realization of the…

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Working Out While on the Road

By ShoreLooksNice.com | January 4, 2017

If you’re traveling in your RV for an extended period of time, finding the space to work out can be a challenge.  If you aren’t a runner who can be easily accommodated anywhere, you might just plan on skipping your workouts while you’re traveling.  There are exercises and equipment you can bring with you to…

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Instagram for RVers

By ShoreLooksNice.com | January 4, 2017

While traveling, keeping your friends and family updated about the adventures you have, and the places you explore, has never been easier!  With sites like Facebook, you can quickly and easily update the people in your life about what you’re doing.  For a visual app that focuses on sharing the breathtaking images you capture, you…

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10 Camping Tips Every RVer Needs To Know

By ShoreLooksNice.com | December 20, 2016

To make your camping trip a success, every time, you need to make sure you plan accordingly.  Lots of things can go wrong but if you follow our 10 camping tips, you’ll have a great experience every time you head out into the great outdoors!

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RV Activity: Kayaking

By ShoreLooksNice.com | September 1, 2016

Kayaking began thousands of years ago from the Eskimos. They used them for their stealth in sneaking up on animals on the shoreline. In the early 1900’s it became a sport. The sport boomed in popularity in the 80’s with new advances in plastic kayaks. Today they come in all different sizes, some as small…

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Selecting an RV to Go Off the Grid

By ShoreLooksNice.com | August 25, 2016

Glamping is a wonderful luxurious experience but sometimes it’s equally as great to get away deep into the wilderness. During these camping trips you’ll want to have an RV that can accommodate “off the grid” Boondocking (RVing without hook ups). Here’s a few quick tips to help you in your pursuit of the perfect RV…

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RVers Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights

By ShoreLooksNice.com | August 20, 2016

The Aurora Borealis (commonly known as the Northern Lights) are streaks of light dancing across the sky. They are a joy for RVers who are camping in the northern states or Canada.

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