Sway Control

Ever been on the road with your trailer hitched up and feel a little uneasy tension?  You look back and start to see your trailer fishtailing back and forth? Well you’ve encountered “Trailer Sway”.  Trailer Sway is one of the leading causes of trailer accidents resulting in frustrated campers giving up on their perfectly good trailer and storing it away.   Don’t let this nightmare happen to you, for we’ve got the answer to your prayers – the EQUALIZER Sway Control Hitch.  This little apparatus is just the tool to help you wrangle in and add some stability to your trailer.  But before we get into specifications, let’s clear up what the culprits of Trailer Sway are.

What Causes Sway?

Sway is caused when there are unequal forces pushing on the sides of your trailer.  One of the most common examples of Trailer Sway is caused by the wind.  Even with just the slightest wind your trailer will start to pivot back and forth and build into a more dramatic sway.  Another culprit of Trailer Sway are passing semi-trucks on the road.  The wind caused by these monsters passing by can deter your trailer from it’s straight and narrow path.  And although less common, but just as serious, uneven roads may also cause your trailer to start to sway.

Contain the Sway

With the EQUALIZER Sway Control you won’t have to worry about any possible accidents caused by Trailer Sway.  The hitch’s innovative design utilizes both weight distribution and a 4 point sway control, a system of four friction points built directly into the hitch.  Since the sway control is integrated into the hitch there is no need to add on sway bars and no drilling or tapping required to install it.

To accommodate most anyone’s needs the EQUALIZER Sway Control comes in five sizes and a standard package will include:

  • 2 sway controls brackets
  • 1 hitch head
  • 1 standard shank
  • 2 spring arms
  • 1 snap up lever
  • owners manual
  • installation hardware

When it comes to camping we care about your safety.  Don’t let something you could’ve prevented easily happen to your trailer or your family.  Contact us and we can get you situated as soon as we can and it will be our pleasure!