The 2016 Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton is one of mainthose rigs
that turns heads in the campground. There’s so many reasons it’s one of the nation’s best selling Diesel Pushers! Here’s just a few:

Staying Cool

There are two things the Phaeton does exceptional well in regards to temperature control; Keeping you cool and doing it quietly.


When you’re going to be hiking into the deep woods fill your canteen with the convenient Water and ice dispenser. Once you’re back you can fix your bear like appetite from your large residential fridge.

ToiletBrainerd Fair (10).JPG

I don’t know about you but when I use the bathroom I prefer to be in an elegant setting rather than feel like I’m in a porta-potty. Luckily Tiffin felt the same way when they designed the Phaeton because that’s exactly the experience you get. A nice porcelain toilet with tile throughout the entire coach.

Driving Safelyfeature_img_06

Some people would rather fight Mike Tyson in his prime than drive a large RV. Luckily technology is here to give those people a hand. With the Phaeton, you have a 3 way camera system so you ALWAYS know what’s happening around your coach. Parking, turning and braking activate the camera system.


On Onan slide-out generator is standard on all models.


There are six different models to choose from which vary in floor plan and features to give you the exact experience you’re looking for.


The View

Windows are important in getting a clear view of your surroundings. That’s why Tiffin makes flush dual pane windows for Tiffin RVs that provide the ultimate insulation and sound reduction. DSC_0214.JPG


If you were born with incredibly big feet you’re going to love the fact that the Phaeton has thought of a way to make sure every size and shape is comfortable on those long drives. The pedals adjust with just the touch of a button.

With the Tiffin Phaeton, you truly are Glamping! In fact few RVs of its kind measures up to the Luxury of the Phaeton. Whether you’re a full timer, a snowbird, or a weekend camper; come on down and see for yourself.