The ART of RVing: The Wonderful Works of Benedetto Bufalino

The Latest: the Trailer Pool

When we say we are obsessed with RVs, it makes sense. We sell them. We maintain them. We fix them. We enjoy them. And sometimes, when something unusual reaches one of us, it’s suddenly a company-wide chain of emails.

For a few minutes—well—let’s just say that productivity may suffer a bit.

When we see something new from one of our favorite RV artists, it’s always time for a tiny work stoppage. And Benedetto Bufalino is definitely one of our best.

Behold his latest: the Trailer Pool!

Take the Pool Party with you!

We want one! It’s just in time for summer. Imagine, taking the pool party with you to the barbecue! This is just the most awesome art piece ever!

To transform an old camping trailer into a movable swimming pool, the roof was removed, the interior emptied and retrofitted to hold water. A ladder has been placed on the back of the vehicle, allowing people to jump into the pool and get out comfortably. Here is a time lapse video of the whole process.

Caravane Piscine - vision Timelapse

Timelapse de la Carvane Piscine de l'artiste Benedetto Bufalino de retour au Confort ce Dimanche pour Le Grand Bazar !

Posted by Le Confort Moderne on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This isn’t the only vehicle art we’ve marveled over/coveted. There’s this:

Converted Hot Tub

And this:

Want to camp in the forest canopy?

And this too!

Or dance all night with a mirrored Cement truck!

To see all of Benedetto Bufalino’s crazy fun art, go visit his website at

Let us know if you like it all as much as we do.