When is the Best time to buy an RV?

Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy an RV

Everybody knows that the best time to buy a TV is right before the Super Bowl or the day after Thanksgiving. Memorial Day is the best day to get that new mattress. And the days after Halloween and Valentine’s Day are great for discounted chocolate.

But when is that perfect, strategic time of year to get an RV? If you’ve been considering it, then you’re in luck. That best time is now, just as the weather turns cold and most people who RV either winterize and store their rig, or head out in it for warmer destinations.

It sounds a little crazy, we know. Why would you buy something just to store it?

Remember, buying an RV is a long-term purchase, like a house or a car. Storing your new RV over its first winter can be well worth the savings of buying during the off-season.

And you can save thousands of dollars. Now is the slowest season of the year for dealerships. They are just taking delivery on all the new 2020 models they ordered. They need to make room and get ready for tax season. You have the advantage!

Also, they may have already winterized their own RVs or be willing to add that in as a bargaining chip. Again, they need to sell.

If you’re looking for a used RV, you are in an even better position. When the time comes to winterize and store their RVs, people who are trading up or simply selling tend to consign their RVs with a dealership. It saves them the effort and expense of winter RV care.

It crowds the lots even more.

So if you have been dreaming of adopting the RV lifestyle, now is the most strategic, money-saving time of the year to go for it. You’ll have choice, price and time on your side.

Bonus Pro-tip: when you show up with an RV in a bright red bow, you will totally win Christmas.

Now, Go Find a Great Deal on an RV!